We’re now officially three weeks into 2019: Most people have recovered from the festive season and adjusted to being back in the office – now it’s time for them to get there year off to a good start by sprucing up their home.

With kitchens being one of the most used rooms in any home, we think it’s important that they look good, and set the scene for any quality family time. That’s why we’ve rounded up 23 of the biggest kitchen design trends of 2019.

1. Cleverly Concealed Storage

Cleverly concealed storage is set to be one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2019. Maximised, clever storage solutions provide masses of extra space that most people crave from their kitchen, whilst creating a sleek and understated aesthetic.

2. Glorious Gunmetal

Gunmetal and pewter interiors are bang on trend this year, so we’re expecting to see the number of gunmetal furnishings increase. Not only do they act as an alternative to copper, brass, and gold, they create texture and depth in a subtle and sophisticated way.

3. Outstanding Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that appears to be replacing upper kitchen cabinets with wood, metal, or glass shelving. Taking a step away from the minimalism trend of 2018, open shelving offers a simple yet elegant way to make a bold statement.  

4. Wonderful Wood

Using materials from nature often creates a welcoming and calming environment, whilst acting as a versatile material that’s utterly timeless. There’s an increasing desire for airier, brighter spaces, and using wood is a great way to achieve this.

5. Colourful Cabinets

Straying away from the tradition of neutral kitchen cabinets and coloured walls, coloured cabinetry offers a new twist on any traditional kitchen. Opt for white, muted walls, bold coloured cabinets, and steel accessories.

6. Radiant Raw Materials

We’ve seen the rise of raw materials and sustainability throughout 2018, and this is set to continue for the duration of the year. There will be a much heavier focus on bringing the outdoors inside by using greenery, woods, neutral tones, and flowing fabrics.

7. Perfect Pendants

Using statement lighting such as pendants is a brilliant way to denote different areas in an open space. They provide an element of luxury to any kitchen without needing to take up any valuable flooring space. Metal or fabric pendants are expected to be amongst the most popular designs.

8. Glamorous Greens

 Hunter green, olive green, and khaki are all set to be one of the most sought after kitchen colours of 2019. Greens create a classic, welcoming, cosy, and warm environment that ties in perfectly with other 2019 trends such as leather drawer pulls, and gunmetal features.

9. Marvellous Matte Blacks

Matte black is expected to continue to be a popular finish for kitchen fixtures and accessories. It accents nude, lighter colours and adds drama without darkening the room as a whole. It’s a classic tone that can compliment practically any decor style.

10. Nautical Navy

Navy will continue to maintain its position as one of the most popular kitchen colours. It’s an incredibly versatile colour, meaning it adapts to both modern and traditional decor, and it’s certainly a timeless classic.

11. Beautiful Backsplashes

The time of backsplashes just being a practical element has been and gone: Instead, many are using them to create beautiful focal points in kitchens. Additionally, instead of tiles or chrome backsplashes, designers are opting for single slabs of marble.

12. Luxurious Leather Drawer Pulls

With organic, rustic materials taking the lead and traditional chrome handles being left behind, leather drawer pulls are a subtle accent that adds depth to any set of drawers. This minimalistic and earthy trend is set to be well received this year.

13. Kingly Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a symbol of luxurious yet sociable kitchens. They offer a great place to enjoy any meal, can be used as additional storage space, and acts as a relaxed dining area. As an alternative, try a peninsula. Instead of being centralised, they’re attached to a wall and therefore take up less space.

14. Gorgeous Glass Cabinets

Glass fronted cabinets, along with open shelving, give homeowners the opportunity to show off their individual personalities by displaying their possessions. Reeded glass offers a middle ground, whilst adding some texture and flare in an understated manner.

15. Fabulous Feature Taps

With a vast array of finishes and styles of tap now becoming available, the popularity of feature taps will continue to increase in popularity. Gone are the days of simplistic chrome: Instead, designers are choosing copper and gunmetal.

16. Groovy Grand Decor

Maximalsim is one of the biggest interior design trends of 2019 and is the polar opposite of minimalism. However, with maximalism being such a bold aesthetic, grand decor offers a slightly milder take. It combines bold patterns and colour with smooth, sleek lines. 

17. Magnificent Marble

Helping to create kitchens filled with character, marble has been a staple trend in kitchens for several years. Not only is it unbelievably strong and robust, it’s an exquisite material that oozes elegance and sophistication, making it perfect for any home.

18. Glistening Glass Dividers

Glass and steel dividers are the perfect compromise between open plan living and separate rooms. They offer elements of privacy, combined with the benefits of open plan living, in a stylish and effective way. Creating a slightly industrial aesthetic, this trend ties in snippets of the industrial trend we explored in 2018.

19. Wondrous Wall Accent Colours

Accent walls are no more: This year, it’s all about accent rooms instead. Forget about choosing one main colour to complement other features, instead, homeowners are choosing four-wall accent colours. This trend is all about being bold, and creates a dramatic aesthetic that’s simple to achieve.

20. Delving into Digital Technology

Kitchens are often the focal point of a home and act as a social room for all the family to enjoy. As it’s the room people spend the most time in, it should be up to date. Kitchen technology is set to take the world by storm with more people opting for tech such as Bluetooth speakers and automatic lighting.

21. Colourful Contrasts

Colourful contrasts are a great way to add a new twist to the traditional kitchen. A good place to start is choosing two colours that are opposite from one another on the colour wheel, such as orange and blue, purple and yellow, and red and green. Try pairing a blue kitchen backsplash with orange accessories.

22. Vintage Vibes

Traditional elements and vintage vibes will continue to work in harmony with the more modern elements of 2019 kitchen decor. This includes more of a focus on natural stone, vintage light fixtures, and quirky furniture, and reflects a classic aesthetic.

23. Magic Multifunctional Trough Sinks

One of the final trends we’re set to see this year is multifunctional trough sinks. Due to the fact entertaining in the kitchen is a key function, trough sinks act as a standard sink, as well as a sunken wine or champagne bath. This makes them the perfect addition to kitchens for any homeowners that love to entertain.

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